Satanic Statue In Arkansas

Overt Satanic Worshippers

While some in the country are worried about taking down historic statues that are perceieved as representing hatred, others are ensuring that new ones take their place.

Yahoo News reports that there is a Satanic Temple in Arkansas that recently brought a very large statue of Baphomet to the steps of the Capitol under the guise of religious freedom.

When I read this report, it truly shocked me to the core.  Gone are the days of secret, behind-closed-doors, cult-like worship of the enemy.

The fight is out in the open and at the doorsteps of our lives.

Prayer:  Father, cover this Nation with your Holy and Righteous hand.  We are in a time of blatant disrespect for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Let us be examples of your light. Let those who are lost, find their way to you.  Let the innocent have shielded eyes to this deviance.  Father, protect us from the enemy.  In your Son’s name we pray. Amen.



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