Modern witches planning a hex and offer an invitation to join them

How often have I heard a modern Pagan claim that their religious beliefs “harm none”?  Self-proclaimed wiccans, witches and warlocks claim that theirs is a religion that worships nature.  They will cast spells and create space to conduct magic, but they classify these practices as “white magic.” They also claim to not “recruit” to this pagan path.

And yet, the boldness of the enemy has allowed this type of article.  The title alone should grab the attention of Christians:  “Modern-Day Witches are planning to hex Brett Kavanaugh—and you can join in.”

Not only does this violate their claim that they “harm none,” but it also blatantly advocates for others to “join in.”

This is a recruiting campaign designed to capitalize on individual feelings about sexual assault, due process, the selection process of the Supreme Court justices, political views or even the opinion of one man’s character.

Regardless of where you fall on each of those opinions, the enemy is utilizing those thoughts to lure the unsuspecting into dappling in a very dangerous practice.  Hexing is wishing and projecting negative energy and ulitmately ill will towards an individual or situtation.  The practice of believing that this is an innocent gesture of hexing or worse…that the hexing is justified…is extremely dangerous. Why is it dangerous?  Because it feeds the enemy’s agenda of pulling people away from Christ.

While Americans are often oblivious to the spiritual battles waged around them, the enemy is being anything but subtle.  How much more obvious is the recruiting to the dark side, than an invitation that states “join in”?

The Bible gives specific guidance on avoiding these scenarios. In James 4:7 we are told “Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

In addition to submission to God and resistance of the devil, recognition of the enemy’s tactics is imperative.  Prayer must be utilized as a powerful weapon of protection and resistance.

Stand firm in Christ and know that the enemy is tireless.


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